Digital tools for outdoor learning

Digital tools for outdoor learning

Seeing is not the same as learning.

Take a nature walk in Terceira Island and in the historic centre of Angra do Heroísmo, a world heritage city, and discover, observe, appreciate and learn about its natural resources, beauty and history. The challenge is figuring out how to use digital tools, work as a team, bring school classrooms outdoors, and improve student learning and motivation.

Outdoor learning

Outdoor learning




  • Receive hand-on training on outdoor learning;
  • Experience and discover successful activities for outdoor learning;
  • Learn how to plan and develop outdoor learning activities;
  • Discover various web tools applicable in outdoor learning activities.


Participants will experience a mixed methodology based on theoretical sessions followed by practical sessions were, organized in teams, they will have the opportunity to put into practice what they have learned as well as their previous knowledge.

  • Workshops on planning outdoor activities and web tools for outdoor learning;
  • Outdoor activities for applying acquired knowledge;
  • Activities for teams brainstorming and planning;
  • Presentation of activities planned;
  • Experiencing and discussing activities planned.
  • Sharing plans and ideas on a shared platform for effective follow-up activities, peer networking, to keep in touch and to share opinions, experiences and practices.


Daily timetable

  • Total number of hours – 25, 5 hours per week.


  • 25 - 29.07.2023
  • 01 - 05.08.2023
  • 29.04 - 03.05.2024

Day 1

Planning and evaluating outdoor activities

  • Course presentation and icebreaking activities.
  • Workshop on planning and evaluating outdoor activities.
  • Walking trail in Monte Brasil.
  • Gathering data and information that allows the evaluation of outdoor activities.

Day 2

Taking History Outdoors

  • Workshop for exploring webtools for mapping circuits, pinning locations and sharing images and information.
  • Walking circuit in city centre guided by maps and tasks that allow participants to discover and share the place history and monuments.

Day 3

Outdoor literacy activities

  • Workshop for exploring webtools for identifying weather conditions, bugs, plants and rocks, and sharing information by images, text or video.
  • Walking trail in Mistérios Negros and Gruta do Natal for applying acquired knowledge.

Day 4

Outdoor activities with QR Codes and Mobiles Devices

  • Workshop for exploring webtools for sharing and reading information.
  • Pedipaper (team competition where competitors walk a certain route in a given time and answer a questionnaire that involves questions and task resolution) walking trail in Furnas do Enxofre and Algar do Carvão.

Day 5

Organizing outdoor activities

  • Workshop in outdoor activities safety.
  • In teams, participants apply acquired knowledge and organize a treasure hunt that is a part of a bigger circuit.
  • Treasure hunt in Relvão or Jardim Duque da Terceira (Municipal Garden).

Other useful information:

Other useful information:

This course mostly takes place in outdoor settings.

Teachers should bring their own mobile devices to install the needed apps.

Please bring comfortable an extra walking shoes and raincoats (just in case) for all the activities.

Leisure activities after the training session can be organised on request.

Price: 400 €



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