About Us

About Us

EUTEKA is a Spanish non-profit organization founded in 2020. Its aim is to promote and highlight European issues, raise awareness and change attitudes as well as activities in the field of cooperation, social inclusion and education.

The organization was founded by two women who wanted to share their experience gained whilst working in international educational institutions, science and environment matter in affairs connected with communication, project design, project management. All the members of the Association have an international background deriving from more than 20 years of experience in working, learning, and teaching in multicultural environments.

The Euteka program includes activities in the field of:

1. European values,

2.Support initiatives and undertake activities aimed at the integral development of children and youth,

3. Education and multilingualism,

4. Social inclusion,

5. Training for adults and youth,

6. European projects, partnerships, and networks,

7. Activities for the benefit of people with disabilities,

And for its achievement the following activities are developed:​

The association organizes different events especially in the field of education, training, and EU citizenship. Euteka has developed tailor made courses for teachers, headmasters and school administrative staff on EU projects and European educational affairs.​

By 2020, we reached many educational environments and school staff participants, and our team is always updated with new training experience, project management skills and eager to exchange its best practice by supporting citizens participating in European projects.


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