About Us

About Us

EUTEKA is a Spanish non-profit organization founded in 2020. Its aim is to promote and empower European values, raise European awareness, and change attitudes as well as activities in the field of cooperation, social inclusion, and education.

The organization was founded by two women who wanted to share their experience gained whilst working in international educational institutions, science and environment matter in affairs, project design, project management. All the members of the Association have an international background deriving from more than 20 years of experience in working, learning, and teaching in multicultural environments.

Euteka’s program includes activities in the field of:

1. European values,

2. Adult education,

3. Social inclusion,

4. Help for disadvantaged adults at risk of social exclusion,

5. Development of international cooperation and networking of cooperating organizations in the field of adult education.

To achieve this, the following activities have been developed:

The association organizes various events, especially in the field of adult education. Euteka has developed tailor-made courses for teachers, school principals and school administrative staff on EU projects and European educational matters. The organization focuses particular attention on organizing help activities aimed at disadvantaged adults or those from difficult backgrounds and at risk of social exclusion.

By 2020, we have reached out to many educational and social environments and our team is always up to date with new training and support experiences, willing to offer guidance and exchange best practices, supporting citizens participating in European projects.


Basic data:

The Management Board:
Josefa Cerdan de Frias – president
Maria Dolores Soler Garcia – secretary
Teresa Bukowska – treasurer

OID: E10258012
PIC: 889441016
VAT: ESG19709377

Bank account:
IBAN: ES75 3081 0803 7937 6751 2415

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